The Undeniable Proofs for the Resurrection

No other religious leader as come back to life:

I.  Fallacy – Some say that Jesus didn’t really die, but merely fainted from


II.  Fallacy – Some say that the disciples stole the body.

III. We have many Post Resurrection eye witness accounts.

IV. Jesus also appeared to those who would be called hostile witnesses.

V.  Something dramatic changed the disciples mood from grief to jubilation!


What Do You See – God or Giants?  Numbers 13-14

I.  The downfall of the ten – failing to believe the pr___________ and commands of God.

II.  Why Caleb and Joshua gave a positive report?

  1. They were Men of Vis______!
  2. They were Men of Fa________!
  3. They were Men of Persev_________!
  4. They were Men of Encour________!


Three Priorities

Priority #1      Commitment to Christ

Priority #2      Commitment to the Body of Christ

Priority #3      Commitment to the Mission of Christ in the World

Priority 2 and 3 are not in sequential order.  They should both occur when Priority #1 is a strong commitment.  Matthew 28:19 “Go and make disciples of all nations …..” the literal translation is “As you go …….”

  • As you go to work …..
  • As you go to school …….
  • As you go to Wal-Mart …….
  • As you go to the Skate Factory ……
  • As you go to Little Caesar’s ……..
  • As you go on the golf course ……
  • As you go to AMC 24 or Majestic Theatre …..
  • As you go to the Indian River Mall


Father’s Day

I.   Love your children unconditionally, always looking to give period of undivided attention!

II.  Fathers, be spiritually strong and passing your lifestyle on to your children1

III. A godly Father should have a compassionate and forgiving heart.


America was founded on Christian Principles

Part 1

I.   A Case before the Supreme Court in 1892, “Church of the Holy Trinity vs. United States”

II.  The Declaration of Independence July 4, 1776.

III. Christian principles were stated in the new state constitutions.

Part 2

I.   First State Constitution of New Hampshire 1776

II.  Benjamin Franklin

III. President George Washington

IV. Northwest Ordinance

V.  Patrick Henry

VI. William Penn

VII. Christopher Columber


Balaam:  A Man who had so Many Opportunities

I.  Balaam’s Dilemma:  Serve God or Worship Money?

II.  Balaam discovered:  If you don’t flee temptation, it becomes stronger.

III. Balaam found out:  sin has consequences.

IV. Balaam learned that God was steadfast in His intention to bless Israel.