Part 1

      In smaller churches, people think in terms of “my church”.  Small church members are much more likely to be involved with the total life of the congregation.  And because they feel involved, both adults and youth are usually more willing to be used in ministry, give more sacrificially, and to pray more consistently than mega church attendees.  When members connect to ministry, in essence they are connected to the very life of the church!


Part 2

      People feel necessary when they’re serving and missed when they’re not around.  They realize it takes everyone to carry the load, so they tend to show up for special projects or attend business meetings.

      In mega churches, most people don’t feel that sense of necessity.  If they don’t serve, someone else will do it.  If they don’t tithe one week, others will pick up the slack.  Small churches that make their members feel needed cultivate deep friendships and don’t allow their members to get lost in the crowd.