Jesus is First, I Am Second

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Hal Habecker

One of the hardest things for the human heart to comprehend is accepting someone else really loving you for who you are and accepting you for who you are. To me, the most incredible thing about God’s love is that He really loves me for who I am. There aren’t any pretenses on His love saying, “If you do this I’ll love you,” but instead He loves you with an incredible love that just reaches into your heart. Why He does that? It’s one of the mysterious things about who God is and how is He able to love like no one else in this world? People always have some angle of pleasing somebody or there may be some catch to a relationship, but not God. He loves me innocently, massively. There are six plus billion people in this world, and He loves you as if you were the only one. To me, that’s the heart of God’s message and that’s the reason Jesus came. In order for us to see that love, He came to reveal who His Father was. It’s all about His love; it’s all about His incredible capacity to wrap His arms around us, no strings attached.

Matt Elrod/Survivor

The iconic tv reality series, Survivor, is constructed to reward the player who deceives, manipulates and misdirects the other contestants. When Matt Elrod was cast onto the show he prepared to do exactly that. Yet just before the game began he was confronted with the impact his participation could have. Did he really want to set an example of deceit and lies? Could there be another way to play the game? Could he carry it off? In his I am Second film, Matt reveals the inside story on just what took place during his time on Survivor: Redemption Island

Greg Ellis/Dallas Cowboys

Sometimes life pushes you into a corner where there seems to be no outlets, open doors or helping hands. Greg Ellis, linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys, faced those very moments during his life and NFL career. Major injuries jeopardized his future and the doctors and coaches nearly gave up on him for good. Despite their doubt, he continued believing and, “If you follow my story and seen what I’ve gone through, you have to realize that there is a God.” Ellis’ story inspires you to believe, even when you feel alone.

Jerry Zucha

Prayer is not a hocus pocus kind of religious language that when you get it right, magic things start to happen. Prayer is a genuine dialogue, a real conversation with God. The neatest thing about prayer is that you don’t have to say the right words or do the right things or jump through hoops. It’s an intimate conversation with a God who’s alive and real and who wants to know our struggles, pains, heartaches and our cares and it does make a difference. I’s not as much about changing the circumstances and situations as it is changing our own perspectives and desires. Prayer is something that is real because God is real.

Jeff Jones

There are always people who we compare ourselves with, who we think are better, smarter, prominent and therefore must matter more to God but when you look at when Jesus came here and who he chose to relate to and be with, it wasn’t necessarily the brightest and the best. He hung out with them a little bit, loved them but he actually went to the marginalized, hurting people that were really open to Him. Often it’s at our point of humility that God can really enter in to our lives and so, when I’m feeling small or insignificant I remember that He was drawn to people like me. Two thousand years ago, the problems that people faced are really the same today. Things haven’t changed much; they dealt with the same stuff that we do such as self image issues, sexuality, suffering and doubts. So from that perspective the bible relates exactly to what we experience. The bible even says itself that it’s not a dead book, it’s actually alive because He not only has spoken but there’s that sense of which He still speaks through His truth and through His words to our hearts.


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