This is a ministry that originally started 2009 as a tool to bring the church members together, and families

together. However, it has grown to so much more.  It has become an outreach tool to bring the community to

Christ by bringing Christ to the community.

      The movie nights have resumed and are now scheduled once a month on a Sunday evening at 6:00 PM.  These

dates are determined from month to month.

      The Movie Night is a FREE NIGHT, available to the public.  We show Christian movies that honor the message

of Christ and family values.  This is an opportunity for families to sit down together, watch a good movie (no

violence, no nudity, and no cursing).  There is free popcorn and soda available.

      WE ARE EXCITED ABOUT THE FUTURE prospects of this ministry and the far reaching effects of Christ in our community.

      Here are a sample of the movies that we have shown, in no particular order.

      Until the next Movie Night, remember you are Loved because Jesus Loves You!

Pastor Tom Haar


July Movie Night

  • Sunday, July 20th at 6:00pm
  • The Perfect Stranger (105 minutes)
  • Released 3/01/2006

 Sample of Past Movie Nights

A Letter to Dad

Another Perfect Stranger

Evan Almighty

Faith Like Potatoes




One Lamb

Pilgrim’s Progress, Journey to Heaven

Saving God

The Climb

The Heart of Texas

the Imposter

the Nativity Story

The Passion of the Christ rev.

The Path of the Wind

The Perfect Stranger

The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry